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This skin is done entirely on Paint & only PAINT. Those that look like "Brushes" and shapes are from Dafont.com, don't believe go & check :D Urmm, I didn't do this skin on Photoshop, so yeah :/ My trial is over D: Sad.

i did this from the scratch, no custom shapes etc.

Anyway, rate & comment! :D Download/Fave if possible!. LOVES, :D

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    !Monday, October 06, 2008

    I m back again !! update u guy with new stuffs ..

    1 ) I m still single since last entry ( HAHA)
    2 ) I m really looking forward to study aboard ( i started counting down )
    3 ) I did my part to say what i want to say to * HER * I have no regret
    ( i will come back to this part )

    i m kinda of surprise when friends telling me that "You are rich mah " base by the place i stay and the " less spending and save alot mindset " . Initially I don't care but then the same few people keep telling me which arouse my awareness . So therefore i decide to " WAKE THEM UP and KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT " I m not going to apologise for being so direct which i dont

    I have to say this , People whom i know for , claim they are poor , actually they not poor , they just dont have sense of managing money except to those getting married and going to have kids . Well i dont interfere people way of managing money as if they are managing my money . So as long they happy doing it then let it be .. ..
    Why bother i m rich or not ? As if i m rich , will cause u in pain or if i m poor will cause u in joy ..

    I have to admit i save alot , basically i dont earn alot , i earn less than 1.5 k per month . On top of this i have to pay insurance , bank loan , mobile , transport expense , food expense and credit card bills monthly . All these expense combine together cost more than what i earn . That why no choice to be thrify to pay off all these with deadline . So end of the everything i paid for , i have left with few hundred to save or spend with . SO unbelievable rite , this is what u CALL rich ... HAHAHA ... partly one of the reason i prefer to be single .. knowing my current condition unable me to have a girlfriend . Which girl willing to go thru this kind of lifestyle , none will want to go thru it .. All i can say it is tough journey to be with me but it only for time being .

    I have no regret after telling her certain things ... I thought that the end of friendship . so far we still keep in touch once a while . I really do enjoy her company alot .

    Sign Off !!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:38