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    !Friday, July 28, 2006

    不得不愛 by 潘玮柏

    天天都需要你爱我的心思由你猜i love you我就是要你让我每天都精彩天天把它挂嘴边到底什么是真爱i love you到底有几分说得比想像更快是我们感情丰富太慷慨还是要上天安排是我们本来就是那一半还是舍不得太乖是那一次约定了没有来让我哭得像小孩是我们急着证明我存在还是不爱会发呆baby不得不爱,不知快乐从何而来不得不爱,放下悲伤从何而来不得不爱,否则我就失去未来好象什么尤其不能自己很失败可是每天都过的精彩天天都需要你爱我的心只有你在i love you我就是要你让我每天都精彩天天把他挂嘴边到底什么是真爱i love you到底有几分说得比想像更快会不会有一点无奈会不会有一点太快可是你给我的爱让我养成了依赖心中充满爱的节拍天天都需要你爱我的心随有你在i love you我就是要你让我每天都精彩. ...

    I still planning whether i should to take up my old job as technican .. i love to but i got to over look other commitments . i guess it time for me to go school ... I am rushing for time ... alway !!

    I end with song with imagine ..

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:53

    !Thursday, July 27, 2006

    it so surprising .. Universal said Universal sentonsa theme park will be larger than the 17-hectare facility in Hollywood. That lead to find out Sentosa own large portions of land are due to land reclamation to anwer my doubt .. I am kinda of surprise when Universa Spokeman mention Universal sentosa theme park will be made of business out of combining state-of-the-art technology with the highest level of creativity, so we have a portfolio of attractions that are recognised as being top tier entertainment. We intend to bring a variety of those and a variety of new attractions, specifically designed for Singapore. .. They are still on midst of bidding for the integrated resort .. Universal does alot of works to win the bid .. They bring the very best creative thinking to bear on behalf of Singapore and They been developing concepts for Singapore. .. It is competitive world .... it happen every where ...

    Bear with me .. i am current affair idiot ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:02

    !Wednesday, July 26, 2006

    Groovie by ng yee loong

    View on Grouper.comAdd to Blogger Blog

    haha what wrong with me on that day .. it seem to go hay wire ... ... only happen once in lifetime ....

    Add a video comment to this video

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 21:26

    !Tuesday, July 25, 2006

    i wanna to confess writing blog has become addiction .. I can`t kick the habit .. i don`t know it can bring so much harm ... i need blog something to sooth my addiction ... two time dosage a day to soothe my addiction !! ..

    shortest entry !!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:06


    So creative !!! Du Yi Wu Er not easy song to play as band ! They manage to play it so well ... They have mine respect !! Enjoy the clip ..

    It been a dream to be in the band , to perform for crowds ... If i got chance i will be either drummer or keyboardist .. won`t be lead singer .. i too shy to be lead singer ... ahahaha ... L'Arc~En~Ciel and Malice Mizer ideal band i like to learn from ... not everything .. only their musicianship skill . ..

    Tat all .. BYE ..

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:57

    !Monday, July 24, 2006

    i wonder whether i should blog it down ... i guess it worth to share to everyone who reading my blog !! ...

    It abt MARRIAGE

    I know u guys wonder .. why i talk abt marriage ? Some day you will get married unless u want to be single forever .. then i have nothing to say ... and i am not the person who though of it , the person who had this idea .. have many yrs of marriage experience . I am sharing what i had learnt ...

    Marriage is not contract , it is convenant !!

    Marriage is an unconditional commitment which two person enter into ...

    A covenant is permanent and cannot be broken !!! so meaning is lifetime promise and total commitment ..

    so when ur husband / wife make vow .. meaning it is promise

    I take you to be my wedded husband / wife to have and to hold from this day forward for better or worse for richer or poorer in sickness and in health to love , and to cherish and to obey as long we both live .. according to God Holy ordinance and thereto i give you my love

    So meaning got to commitment even bad times and good times ...

    A covenant is maintain by LOVE ... and signed by the shedding of blood ..

    i shall not go further with shedding of blood ... it hard thing to explain ...

    A covenant is founded by faith and trust ...

    Marriage is for character refining !! why ? . .. Marriage bring together two very different people with very different hangup and lof of character flaws .. And As they learn to communicate to fellowship ... to forgive of their own shortcoming to forgive each other of fault and to go thru happiness and suffering together ..

    Marriage is for commitment .. and it for intimacy .. is shared identity , a we relationship ....

    Marriage is the unconditional love for one another !!

    The meaning of Cleaving ! is to purse , to be joined together .. to be bonded into one ...

    Marriage is for two people come together without losing it their own unique personalities , gift and abilities , become one , it is the purpose of blending of their individualism which give the marriage strength ...

    Love for long term ...

    that all for today , I will back with this topic in few weeks time ...

    Actually today is interesting day !! journey with sweet and bitter ..

    time to sleep !! nite to all .. TAKE CARE

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 00:40

    !Saturday, July 22, 2006

    During my way back home .. this phrase come to my mind !! "Something you can hold on and something you got to let go " ... i shouldn`t be affect by disappointment .. i should move on .. and fulfil my dream .. It pointless to dwell in it .. don`t get anywhere but only make it worst ..
    only make u feel like give up ... At time i feel like i playing Amazing Race , keep going competitions .. alway bound to meet ups and downs for life .... I often bound to meet problems ... sometime can be very frustrating .. .. sometime i feel like giving up .. i remind myself . to keep going .. keep trying .. don`t give up !! ... there alway solution to problems .. i i alway believe there will be day i will fulfil my dream .. .. ... I like what Thomas A edison say ... Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time . Problem alway there for you to learn from it ..

    I decide let go .. i think it worth doing it .. i decide to cling on to fulfil my goal .. it is not the right time for me to go for relationship .. i find myself need to improve ... or you can say i have not find right partner .. or you can say i not yet have stable income to give my gf or wife enjoy luxuries ..

    I watch this programme .. i am insipire to by this person said .. Life is so fragile .. even the thing u plan might not turn the way you want it to be .. Actually there is other one phrase by same person .. ... i can`t rememeber it .. i need to refresh my mind ...

    i need to update my planner .. i going to be busy lately ...so u guy need to refer my planner for appointment ..

    I will be back later in the night for more news ..

    Cya ..

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 10:54

    !Friday, July 21, 2006

    杨丞琳 - 只想爱你

    我终于还是说了一句我爱你 还记得那个微凉夜里天空正飘着小雨
    心跳的声音 像舞动奇迹

    你看着我说千万不要爱上你 因为你只会让我伤心别傻了快点喊停
    你那么冷静 忽远又忽近

    我知道我对你来说也许太年轻 我想我猜我问我终于了解
    原来为爱流的眼泪 也是种甜蜜滋味

    只想爱你 当我和你走在一起就已经决定 不看不听不问也不会放弃
    是你让我了解自己 可以为爱那么坚定

    只想爱你 好想每天睁开眼睛就能看到你 我知道我偶尔有一点任性
    不管你做任何决定 究竟爱我还是逃避 Sorry我还是不会放弃爱你

    December Love Song by Gackt

    The evening lights, coloring the nights busy avenues,
    down the street brings back memories of you.

    Now I am watching, as lovers pass me by,
    finding your shadows, in the views of my eyes

    Now I am here, all alone
    Remembering the time we used to laugh together
    in the fall of the cold
    I still think of you,
    Wondering if you feel the same

    Save, your smile for me,
    even although you cry for me
    Remember me and love me always

    Love, and smile for me,
    Hold on to all that we had
    remembering and love me again

    I'm so depressed living , a quiet life now,
    There is no one here, in which to hold hands,
    or protect me from the cold
    Feeling like this loneliness will tear me apart
    I am waiting and looking for you voice
    To get me out of the dark

    Snowflakes fall like the tears that running down my face
    I wanna hold you just one more time
    I think of you night and day
    Wondering if you feel the same

    Being in the silence of the night
    Fall into my arms and I'll hold you so tight
    My kiss will guide our missing hearts
    and tell me you'll love again

    Save, your smile for me,
    even although you cry for me
    remember me and love me always

    Love, and smile for me,
    Hold on to all that we had
    remembering and love me again

    Emglish Version

    Japanese Version

    Today is my POA exam !!! my last paper !!!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 09:14

    !Thursday, July 20, 2006

    i getting busy after my exam over , my this coming weekend are fully booked .. I am sorry to cancel appointments .. i got important things to attend ... so don`t try change my mind to go for appointment !! it won`t work .. So save ur breath ..

    I been thinking for past 2 weeks .. what to do after exam ? I plan to do many things .. so i draft out my schedule for few weeks or month .. it going to be busy schedule ... I also draft out things i want to do ... It good to be busy ... So i can make use of my time to fulfil my dreams ..

    I feel so emotional lately , As if i am watching korean drama !! sigh .. suddenly i lost of words ... I don`t know what to say !! i feel like tell her .. i might not be best choice but i can do my best to be best ... i guess it time for me to sleep ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 22:52


    I can`t wait to watch Soong Sister , it showing on Channel 8 .. !! I like abt this show is not abt the actresses . , it is abt the China history and China .. the story goes like that .. Based on true story ..

    Soong Family have 3 sisters .. Soong Ai-Ling , Soong May-Ling and Ching-Ling , 3 sister married to3 different respective hushands ..

    Soong Ai Ling married to H. H. Kung the richest man in China and later became the Finance Minister to Chiang Kai-Shek

    Soong May-Ling married to Chiang Kai-Shek the rising star in China’s military and became the first President of Taiwan

    Soon Ching-ling married to Dr. Sun Yet-sen , the father of Nationalist and also the one who start the Chinese Revolutionary Party ..

    3 sister studied in same school , graduate from the same school .. but end up in different lifestyles ..

    Ai-ling the first woman who studied in America , who good in finances and business and was remember by her shrewdness in financial matters

    Soong May-Ling became the English translator, secretary and advisor for her husband and became minister of defense , she graduated with honors , major in English literature and minor in philosophy . She name as ambassador for China (and later, Taiwan).

    Soon Ching-ling founded China Welfare Institute and setup magazine China Today and became Vice President of People's Republic of China and she was awarded the Stalin Peace Prize, and in 1953 a collection of her writings, Struggle for New China, was published .. She not mention to be first consort of a political leader

    the main point of the story is abt how the 3 sister influence the politics, economy, and history of modern China that also include the love life of 3 sisters ..

    I think you guys watch the movie then understand whole picture i explain ...

    there some parts you will see Soon Ching Ling and May Ling cannot get along .. due to different aspect of view cannot be accept ...

    then u also see soong family object Ching Ling marriage etc ...

    haha that how i fall in love with chinese histories ... lol

    ok i shall continue part 2 ..

    Cya . signing off

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 13:50

    !Wednesday, July 19, 2006

    I really miss the past , i miss the time i had so much fun in recording studio .. doing recording for various bands .. spending our most of time in school doing recording .. find new idea to improve .. troubleshooting studio equipment ..even have sleepless night of recording .. i got few pics of my school recording studio .. sorry for lousy images !!

    Recording studio 4

    Recording overnight

    Other Recording Studio

    Mic Setup for the drums.

    Those time our working hour are like 7 days a week .. irregular working hours , spend 4 hrs or 8 hrs in studio .. or can stretch for whole day !! but the best part .. still manage to go shopping , movie even our schedule are tight ..

    Really time really past very fast during that time ..

    I also miss the time i work for my boss , he is the one who opening my door to taste the media industry ... He taught me alot of thing .. especially lighting .. also live sound !! He allow me to practice on the lighting board ! he give me chance to take up projects like concerts , theatre , wedding and etc ... Without his help .. i won`t be able to know what is like to be in media industy or start to taking up projects .

    Those are my memories !! good and bad memories .. haha good memories are usually project successful end .. feel achievement .. or praise by director or praise by audiences ... other good memories .. i so call master the lighting board during that time .. then i create new concept for particular show .

    As for bad memories .. I remmember few .. like before starting of the show .. changing setting for the lighting .. like adding of new seques or new cue to scenes .. then the director pressure me until i no time to eat lunch ..

    Other one .. during the show .. the one of bulb burst ... then i get scolding for it .. she uh ... she program like lighthing until the light go hay wire ...

    still got many many stories to say !! if i continue to say .. it will bored u guys ...


    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 14:11

    !Tuesday, July 18, 2006

    To be musician !! haha .. that is when i am 16 yrs old ... i was so in love with violin and piano .. i once though of being violinist or pianist .. but now i don`t think i can .. but i still keen to learn piano and violin as leisure .. i ever though if i got chance to work with .. who i will work or learn with ?

    Mostly like Wang lee Hom , Gackt , Jay Chou , Ryuichi Sakamoto , David Tao .. Etc .. alot alot ...

    i know they look handsome haha .. but i don`t judge by their looks .. i judge by the musicanship .. like Wang Lee hom plays violin, piano, acoustic guitar, vibraphone/xylophone, er-hu, drums, accordion, bass, harmonica, electric guitar so far i only see wang leee hom play violin , guitar , piano and er hu ...


    Er - hu

    As for gackt is multi-talented instrumentalist -- (trumpet, tuba, horn, trombone, piano, guitar, drums, bass), all other standard orchestral instruments, and most traditional Japanese instrument ... . he also song writer , vocalist ... I recently got hook by his songs =D ... he too zai liao ..

    then for Jay Chou.. haha .. Playing piano , guitar , drum and cello .. i like his song .. quite creative !!

    As for Ryuichi Sakamoto .. haha i guess u guys don`t know him .. He is composer and musician .. he wrote song for movie .. like little buddha , The Last Emperor , Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence , my fav song !! He is more popular in film music and orchestral .. I forget to tell you he is pianist

    David Tao - haha he also play piano too ! and guitar too ...

    I am so CRAZY over gackt song ....

    That all folk ..

    that all folk =D ....

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 12:31

    !Monday, July 17, 2006

    by Gackt

    kagayaita masshiro na T shatsu
    mizu shibuki ni ukabu niji
    bonyari to mitsumeteru sora o
    ikutsu mono kaze ga asobu
    nannimonai koto ga futari dake no shiawase datta

    A shining, pure white T-shirt
    A rainbow floating in a spray of water
    Gazing thoughtfully at the sky
    The wind plays with countless things
    Nothingness was our own happiness

    dare yori mo fukaku kokoro made oborete
    ima mo kono basho de kimi dake o mitsumete
    nido to modoranai yume naraba kowashite
    wasurarenakute mou ichido aitai

    More deeply than anyone else, I even give my heart to you
    Even now right here, I'm only gazing at you
    If it's a dream that I cannot return to once more, I'll destroy it
    You're unforgettable, I want to see you once more

    shikirou kasanete
    kimi no kage, hiroiatsume

    The mirages pile up
    Your shadows, I collect them

    tokei no hari o tometa mama de machitsuzukeru

    I keep waiting for you though the hands of my watch have stopped

    nemurenai yoru mo, tameiki no asa mo
    kimi no daisuki na tsuki no uta o

    On sleepless nights, and on mornings when you have to sigh
    There's your beloved song of the moon

    itsu kara ka tooku, karada made hanarete
    ima wa kono basho ni boku dake o nokoshite
    zutto kawaranai futari da to shinjita
    ano koro no you ni mou ichido, aishita

    Some time far away, when even our bodies are left behind
    Right now right here, only I remain
    I believed we'd always be together unchanging
    Once more, like I did at that time, I want to love you

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 09:40

    !Sunday, July 16, 2006

    Current track i listening : 珊瑚海 (Shan Hu Hai ) by Jay Chou (周杰倫)

    Today !! i went to woodland lib to study ..... dinner at foodcourt and then went for shop ard cause way point .. so short and simple !! i guess today i stop writing .. lacking of feeling to write ..i need emotion .. give me loveee !!!!

    why all the sudden awkward questions ... make me so hard to answer one .. can i have MCQ instead .. Anyway i need to find solution to answer awkward question ..

    ok now 1246hrs ..

    Signing off
    Alex ..

    Now playing 珊瑚海 ...

    Enjoy !!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 00:30

    !Friday, July 14, 2006

    Just now i was on the way home .. i suddenly though of a " theory " ... Sorry if i explain badly ...

    the theory go like that ... Without failure .. there no success .. there are very few cases .. without failure there is success .. maybe 1 of 10 persons ..

    Failure is something u can`t escape in life .. I find failure is like outdoor learning activity .. only can be experience by urself ... can`t learn by books .. i believe failure is part of success in life .. either u accept it and learn from it ..or u run away from it .. I din get this theory just like that .. i get this thru the hard way .. by experience different type of failure in life ...

    Failure is like jiggle puzzle .. every pieces of puzzle represent problems ... once u fix the puzzle .. u finally get the whole picture of the jiggle puzzle ...

    I can say failure alway been part of my life .. failure help me to see things in different aspect ... I don`t blame failure .. i blame myself for not finding the answer toward the failure ...

    there is chinese saying .. take thing easy .. let go easy .. sound so simple .. but it never easy to apply on it ... I can say i am trying hard to apply it ..

    Giving up is not the last option or the first option to choose !!! there alway a solution to problems or failure ..

    I think i shall stop here .. i will continue again .. Part II

    now it 1259hrs ..

    Lastly i want thanks everyone for reading my blog ... thanks for supporting my blog ... Pls tag more !! haha ... pls be nice to my tag board ... !!

    I will continue to write more !!! ... Time to say good night =D Sweet dreams ..

    Signing off

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:59


    i dont enjoy remember formula ... it driving me crazy ... UH HHHHHHHH

    Gross Profit = gross profit / Sale * 100 *

    Net Profit = Net Profit / Sale * 100

    R.O.E = Net Profit / capital + reserve * 100

    Stock Turnover = stock / sale * 365 days

    Creditor day = creditor / Purchase * 365 days

    Debtor day = debtor / Sale * 365 days

    Current Ratio = Current Assest / Current Liabilties

    Quick Ratio = Current Assest - Stock / Current liabities

    ARGHHH formula ... !!! still got some more to remember ....

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 10:51

    !Thursday, July 13, 2006

    Am i one of those contestants ? haha ....

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:13


    recently i overcome barrier of love !! haha few days ago i was writing abt love problems .. I accept the fact she attached .. i rather accept the fact then to lose a friend .. That remind me of a friend for mine , i wonder how I get to know her .. i guess i know her when i going to class for lesson .. when i saw her walking toward class . so i approach to her and say hi .. i was surprise when she told me she play soccer .. i told her she is the first person i know who play soccer .. after that conversation we stop for time being !! She also my team mate .. i din talk to her until she sit beside me .. slowly slowly .. conversation spark and that how i become her friend !!!!! haha she very happening person !! she very interesting person !! she alway give surprises .. ok i shall stop writing abt her lol !! she stealing my limelight !!! HAHAAHA no LARrr ...

    back to the girl i like .. haha i come to realise someone like her too !!! so not only me like her .. someone like her too .. her bf like her too !!! but she decide to choose her bf .. so someone not happy over it !!! ... as for me .. i choose to be neutral ... i choose to be her bf and her friends ... anyway i met her bf many time .. haha her bf is really good to her .. !! i not for anyone .. i just say if she choose her bf .. mean she happy to be with him . .. no point fighting over it ... end up lose friends .. it is worth becoz of love !!! ..!! no it is not worth it !! it just my point of view !! i continue some other time ...

    Ps* = > to the characters i mention in the entry .. i am sorry for being kpo !!! don`t bully me !!

    Lub lub

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 14:29

    !Wednesday, July 12, 2006

    i din notice of this song until .. someone play this song !!! i kinda of fall in love with the tune !!! then i began to hum the tune !!! hehe ... i don`t really understand the meaning of the songs .. but it kinda of catchy ...

    I also like this song ... Regret by Malice Mizer ... drum and piano duet woo impressive . !!! neva expect rock jap band play such soothing music !! =d.... i only like two jap rock band .. L'Arc~en~Ciel and Malice Mizer i only don`t like dressing style .. too gothic liao .. or too girly liao !! but their musicianship is good !!!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 14:06


    I kiss your lip !! and close my eye .. do u wake from paradise .. i love youuuuuuuu

    I suddenly feel like go clubbing !!!! devil bar or MOS or attica !!!!! anyone want to go !!! ....

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 12:36

    !Monday, July 10, 2006

    I must STUDY... i must make sure i study during this period of time after my exam .. i slowly deal with problems ... I need to do alot of changes !!! study pattern ! lifestyle !! thinking etc .... I need to go to the mountain to reflect on my " evil doing " for months ...

    Love can be express in many ways ! there is no right or wrong method to love or to be love !!
    Love is putting effort to accept person character !! Love is like 2 way traffic !! !! Love is something cannot be describe ! Love is like playing music !! loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee is something cannot be bought .. Love is willing to pay price for her happiness ...

    i still wonder is it i help her to get attach or it already on the progress of getting attach ... haha who care !!!!!

    if really i help her to get attach ... i demand for treat !!! haha !! I can be match maker !!!!! =d

    so any gals need to match make .. i know quite alot of guys ... i can help up !!!!

    I need to find new idea to write my entries ... too much abt her !! !! i guess i am crazy over her !!!!

    I signing off


    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 09:42

    !Sunday, July 09, 2006

    finally !!! i told her .... it hard choice for me whether to tell her or not ... i don`t have to intend to tell her ... but it bother me for many days ... hoping for 2nd chance .. After seeing her bf did for her everyday .... I realise alot thing i need to learn from him ... He uh .. Nice guy .. Easy going guy .. understanding , caring ... !! i don`t know what else i can write abt .. i just want her to be happy !!!

    As for me .... i would be more busier ...getting more things in hand .. trying to fulfil my dreams ... learning language , music and etc ....

    it time to sign off ... .


    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:38

    !Saturday, July 08, 2006

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:44


    why that so ... becoz it can cause friendship or other party hard to accept the fact ... i would rather give hint and let the person find out ... I don`t want to cause friendship due to some minor problems .. I used to have a close friend with me for many many yrs ... from pri until now .. we still got contact but isn`t that close as b4 .. due to some misunderstand .. don`t know what cause it .. until now .. it still not solve ... Close friend turn out to be friend just say hi and bye .. .. I won`t let it happen again ... neva ..

    Back to current issuse ..

    I like to ask her some personal stuffs but i find it kinda of rude or not polite to ask .. Some people will get offended .. they will think i picking their nose ... or find why i ask sensitive question .. Aiyah . i think let time do the work ... i got to many thing to talk abt lol but don`t know where to start with ..

    English Lesson with Indian teacher :

    mostly of my friends think they will flunk communication skill .. I guess due to our teacher teaching .. she really worst teacher i came across .. Mostly of my classmate find her boring .. i find it too ... her accent so strong , that she say comfortable as comfort table .. swan as swam ..
    her indian mix with english accent .. getting us in trouble .. teach us wrong method .. anyway today is last day lesson with her . so it fine with me .

    Next week is my study break ... after that is my exam period .. once exam over .. my term 2 start ... no holiday so sad ...

    ok i guess it time for me to say tata ................

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:55

    !Friday, July 07, 2006

    My first time play pool with my classmate .. my first time play lan game with them .. yesterday also my first time go ktv with them .... what next ? ..

    hehe i seldom go to ktv to sing .. the reasons usually are my close friend don`t sing , i don`t sing ... too expensive ... but anyway i went yesterday with my classmates .. hehe they really sing very well .. As for me .. I sing badly .. sound like frog croaking .. lucky i din make anyone hair stand ... I din get to the feel for the songs .. i kinda of distracted some how .. or feel shy suddenly when my classmate ard .. anyway i don`t know when will be next time i will feel urge to go ktv ... maybe 2 week 2 months .. 1 yrs ..

    last night i kinda of fedup with singnet ... last night something wrong with the connection .. i can`t surf the net .. i can`t log in to msn .. i can`t play maplestory ... Best part their customer service close .. I though they suppose to have technical support for 24 hrs ... End up i have to do on the next day ... ARGH .. nvm i soon need to go school today and tomolo ... argh .. then my study break come ... by the way is not holiday for me .. is revision period .. no outing no playing lan .. no playing pool .. no singing .. hahaha .... date me for study i will consider .. I prefer to study in the lib .. ok i guess i got to stop here ..

    Logging off
    fur i de ri ku !!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:36

    !Wednesday, July 05, 2006

    Exam coming !!! I seem to take things so relax .. I need to study for my papers especially Principle of Accounting and Finance .. I need to find place to study .. I can`t study at home .... I can`t resist the computer and tv ... even though i stop playing maple story for time being .. I feel the urge to play for while .. Ok enough of exam ....

    Tomolo I going to ktv ... it been quite some time i din been to KTV .. I feel like sing my heart out .. pls bear with me .. I don`t have good voice .. i regret it i din take care my voice when i am kid .. I scream and scream until my voice become so man ...

    I was thinking early on ... What are long term goal i want to achieve for next 3 yrs ?

    I have no answer to it ... I tell you again once i though of it ...

    My sis want to use the computer !! no choice !! I am youngest ..

    furideriku signing off ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 21:57


    Last night i din sleep well ... i woke up at 3 am .. and i got inspiration to write ....

    3 am in the morning , I woke up by nightmare ... i realise the love i had for her had to give up .. I try to fight to sleep but i fail . . Try overcome my disappointment but i fail .... I can`t feel sad .. i can`t cry ... i can pretend nothing happen to me ... Never know the power of love can affect me so much ... I try to be strong I try to withstand ... I try to be same me ...

    Thinking whether i should tell you how i feel abt you .... or whether to keep silent and let days past by .... I don`t want to hurt you or ur relationship .... I will be quietly admire you ....
    seeing you feel love and happy .... this cannot compare to what ur bf done for you ...

    Unexpected the love for her .. turn into ashes ... Unexpected love for her have ended ... Even thought i still hoping for 2nd chance ... maybe it time to let go ...

    Will we still be Friend ????

    I write finish at 5 am ... I manage to sleep abit ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:13

    !Tuesday, July 04, 2006

    Congrat to my friend of mine for getting attach .. i want to thanks her for not letting me fall in love with you ... I admit that i had crush on you but now i think i can forget it . I admit your bf is much better than me .. more caring than me .. more understanding haha not saying i am no good or what .. I find myself not up to standard to have gf .. haha ... I can`t give my gf luxury at the moment .. I admit i abit disappointed but i am glad i know it early .. so not much affected . I want to thank you for make me realise things ... I want to thanks you for being my friend =D ... I want to thanks you for ur accompany =D .. ..

    There will be some adjustment i going to make or keey myself busy ...

    1. Study for exam
    2. Work As free lance Sound Engineer and lighting engineer .. ( after Exam period )
    3. Learn to play violin , drum , Keyboard
    4. Go Gym to train
    5. Swimming
    6. Learn Salsa , Merengue , Bachata , Tango
    7. Learn to play golf
    8. Learn to figure skating

    That all i can think of .. .. I thnk these are enough to pack my days =D ... hehe .. Surprise rite .. extreme adjustment ...

    黑暗中的我们 都没有说话 你只想回家 不想你回家 寂寞深的像海 太让人害怕 温柔你的手 轻轻揉着我的发 你的眉眼说 你好渴望我拥抱 你身体却在拼命逃 当欲望在燃烧 你爱我还是他 是不是真的他有比我好 你为谁在挣扎 你爱我还是他 就说出你想说的真心话 你到底要跟我 还是他 爱~爱~爱~爱~ 这是不是命运 对我的惩罚 爱你也没办法 恨你也没办法 陷在这个旋涡 只想挣脱它 拉住你的手 却让我也被拖下 你的眉眼说 你不渴望我拥抱 每当爱变成了煎熬 你就开始要逃 你爱我还是他 是不是我可以做的更好 让你不再挣扎 你爱我还是他 我宁愿听到残忍的回答 也不要再被耍 你爱我还是他 我为你找了一百个理由 我就是那么傻 你爱我还是他 是否沉默代替你的回答 我应该明白吧 你爱我还是他 你都已看不到我们的好 我还为谁牵挂 你爱我还是他 是否沉默就是你的回答 我们都别挣扎 去爱他

    You love me or love him ? haha ... ... it going to be hard question !!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 22:02


    i going to stop playing maplestory for time being .. my exam coming soon .. I have to prepare for my accounting paper .. I need to study for my papers . I really need to find some place i can study for my exam . No Maplestory !! No tv !! argh all i need is discipline ..

    But i still will blog during this period to update you guys .. so wait for my news

    I start play maplestory on 21 Jul .. that where my exam end .. and my new term have start ..

    Two of my friends are coming to MDIS to study .. haha but i won`t be see them becoz i having my study break .. Pls don`t ask me go out to play .. I need to study as much as i can ..

    Lastly i want to say .. Study Hard Play hard ....

    Cya guys

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:12

    !Monday, July 03, 2006

    Baby, don't cry anymore, this scene is so familiar
    Tightly holding your hand, we are both unwilling to separate
    Every time I want to say something I instead preserve the silence
    Give me a minute to concentrate on admiring your beauty
    Happiness complements sorrow, crossing paths within my heart at the same time
    Tears of frustration cannot measure the weight of love

    I cannot withdraw the love
    I already gave and I can't give you all the love I owe you
    Don't take along my heart to follow you
    Every time we part ways, I am deeply defeated by you
    Every time I give up your tenderness, it is hard to release my pain
    Every time we part ways,
    Every time I kiss you goodbyeat that moment I finally fully understand the taste of love
    Happiness complements sorrow, crossing paths within my heart at the same time
    Tears of frustration cannot measure the weight of love
    I cannot withdraw the love I already gave and I can't give you all the love
    I owe youu
    I finally understand the truest taste of love

    Hehe !! I listen this song alot of times and it is my fav song =D

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:57

    !Saturday, July 01, 2006

    Things i want to try

    1. Skydiving
    2. BackPacking with friends ard Asia or Western regionals
    3. Yachting
    4. Night Cycling
    5. Wakeboarding
    6. Learning lifestyle and culture in Japan , US , UK , Indonesia and Hongkong or maybe China

    Too many things i want to try ....

    Things i have try

    1. Taste Smelly Toufu
    2. Bungee jump at Phuket ... i guess height is 23 m higher
    3. Parasailing
    4. Swim until the middle of the sea .. kinda of scary no intend to swim that far ..finally the wave bring me back to shore
    5. Ice - Skating - my fav sport in the past
    6. Kayaking
    7. Pillon Ride by my friend = my parent don`t allow me to pillon ride or learn ride bike
    8. Explore places !! more to scenery
    9. Roller blading - Not my cup of Tea
    10. Horse Riding

    haha !! too adventurer ... hehe now can`t do much .. due to studying !! kinda of limited time and cash !!!

    I will add to the blog if i got interesting thing i want to try or i done it b4 ... haha ...

    I guess it time to go to school !!!! Argh Saturday !!!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 07:40