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    !Thursday, September 28, 2006

    i was so amused by taiwan politics .... i din notice until i been seeing taiwan politics on tv ... hmmmm it been days and night ... becoz president refuse to resign .. cause everyone in taiwan behave crazy ... e.g ..

    Few thousand of protestors having their rally ... look at their rally .. very interesting .EVEN the kids and dog are included .... funny clip ....

    i really think president should step down .. he need to think for his own people , himself , economic growth and country image .... i guess every part of world who watch news know abt taiwan politic conditions ... becoz of knowing the situation in taiwan .. foreigner might not want to travel there due to their safety concerns .. that affect their economic growth ..i guess they really need to change their concept of managing the country ... current managing done poorly .. that why cause taiwan to have riots and etc ... Work as politician in taiwan , is not advisable ... require high risk , you won`t know who will be against you unlike Singapore .. either you with goverment or against goverment .. mostly likely you will choose to be with the goverment than to against goverment . unless you think you have confident to against goverment with evidences if u fail to against goverment .. you end up being sue for slandering and etc .... so got to be becareful .. when you talk abt politics affair ... =D ... but if u look at the good side of taiwan .. their media industy are blooming ... they are doing welll .... known to Asia Pacific growing media industry . ... chances of being artist are high . ..... famous or not that require ur hardwork and influence ... it good place to start ... after making it .. it require more connections ... and who u work with .... most important hard work ... .. it than more fame and glamour , alot of hardwork require ...plus PR Skill haha .. ok i off to study .. i tomolo have test ....

    I signing off


    * I don`t have any against on GOVERMENT policies =D *

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 15:49

    !Wednesday, September 27, 2006

    hmmm when i was young , i was influence by " KTV " trend for short period of time .. that time wasn`t popular .. those day are the LD period , those day don`t have such place as K box or party world .. the most is KTV lounge or CC .. those time i wasn`t so happening .. can partly say ktv is not my favourite list .. but i will still go ... when my friends jio me to go .. hahaha .. i do sing .. mostly are oldies .. haha ... i learnt those oldie when i was kid ... my parent used to sing those day .. i remember when i was in taiwan ... my parent sang this chinese song ... never forget this song .. this song have been repeat many times during my stay at taiwan .. haha ... it chinese oldie ... hope u like it

    Beside remember ktving .. i also remember i went to taipei wet market ... it is interesting sight seeing ... saw alot of interesting things like .. turtle soup , snake blood , monkey brain ... no joke .. they do all this on spot once u purchase it .. no hidden kitchen for them to kill =D .. scary uh .. i saw those killing .... beside food .. alot of cheap clothes ... and etc ... most unforgetable is they kill the monkey .. yes ... and the wet market have 4 alley lane .. not those short lanes u see in chinatown ... quite long distance for each alley .. that what i can remember ... mmmm ... then i also went to kaohsiung .. i remember it is short period of time at kaohsiung .. i also went to museum .. i don`t know it is at kaohsiung or taipei ... mmmmm can`t be taichung .. becoz i remember i stay at my parent friend house ... those shop house kind .. haha .. i remember at taichung .. i went to see scenery ... mountain and valleys ... sigh those days i don`t know how enjoy .... mmmmm i also remember those day i at taipei .. they having election .... super noisy ... i went taichung , kaoshiung , taipei and lastly i went to ali shan .. it locate at the one of mountain .. scenery there are very beautiful .. sunrise , sunset , see cloudy .. ... their culture .. their alishan dance ... fantastic .... mmmm if u really keen to know more abt the journey at taiwan .. let me know i tell you personally .. i will be glad i show u photos i taken at taiwn ... =D ... forgive me how say incomplete .. these kind of thing is good to share by expression .. =d

    logging off ....

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 20:55

    !Monday, September 25, 2006

    beautiful song by gigi leung .. haha

    =D .. i spent my day figure out how to live broadcast using window media player ..hmmm not friendly user than winamp .. but the problem i can`t use winamp .. becoz most of my media files are wma .. not mp3 .. which is not supported .. mmmm i still finding solution to get it work ... mmmm ... i feel like doing a mini radio station .. since my friend provide me a server to host on ... why not i make use of it .. actually i am quite grateful he provide me to server to broadcast .... he also allow me to stream any time i want to .. .. and play any musics .... i almost done with server .. just left with the wma problem .. argh can`t play on winamp .. i need to crack the wma extension .. to make it work .... stupid winamp .. doesn`t support WMA files .. aiyo .. make thing difficult for me ..if cannot work .. i alway try other method to deal with it .. mmm cannot give up my new toy yet ... mini radio station ... playing different genres of music ... at different time ... mmm lol .... simply get excited to make it happen .... give me time i will get it done within few days .. .. look out for updates .. ok i back to figure problems =D ...

    sign off

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 22:30

    !Saturday, September 23, 2006

    mmmm i suddenly don`t feel sad over relationship problem .. i seem to get over it .. that doesn`t mean i give up ... just that i learn to take thing easy ... hmmm i don`t really bother whether she read my blog or not ..... doesn`t matter .. i wrote so much abt the problems .. don`t seem to change the problems ... maybe it cause more problems ... i wrote so much becoz i wanted her to know .. how i felt for her ? how much i want her attention on me ? mm but now i think of it .. i can treat it as bits of pieces of my life stories ... i realize i am foolish one who fall in love who think she is the one who willing to spend whole life with me .... i still insist she is the one ..mmmm based on my feeling ... and other factors ... yeah my intial plan was to get to know her well but things seem to happen unexpectedly .. no point cry over spilt milk ... i have to face the facts .. i also realise not only me involve this relationship ... i feel that many parties involves in it ... i don`t think i am interested to know what other parties planning to do or what ... mmm now i concern abt money , career , school results and etc .... i shall explain to detail ... mmm start with money .. i recently caught up with money problem .. it is terrible problem ... i seem to spend more on expense like transport , bills and foods .... i don`t have chance to buy luxury stuffs like clothes , bags and etc .. mmm sometime i think it is good thing not to be in relationship now ... becoz i know i can`t give financial support to my love one ... but doesn`t mean in the future i can`t give ... give me time to prove my success ... maybe 5 yrs time .. 10 yrs time ... who know .. i can`t give actual timing .. but i know i will success in life ..... then what next problem ... school results ... mmmm quite tough of me to studying ... what i study now .. is not related what i studied in the past .. total different ..... like eastern and western culture ... hard to adapt .. no choice i have to get used to it quick .. if not i will die terrible as months go by ... mmmmmm it getting late now ... what next after school result ... mmmm career ... i still craving career path .... i though of opening businesss but though of financial abilities .. no way i can open with amount of money i have .... beside opening business .. i need to find something that capture consumers heart ... no easy task .. alot of market research to be done ... b4 opening one ... aiyah ... opening business is easy .. to maintain the business .. is other things ... competitors and other facts in life ... i don`t want to get deep with that ... but i still considering .. in the future whether or not ...... all these are later part of my life ...mmmm currently planning alway change day by day .. no fix agendas ... sigh now is 1227 .. i am sleep late ... but before sleep .. i wll read novel to make me feel sleepy .. i should able to sleep well .. problem seem to solve ... i am still going to be her friend ... i should watch myself from getting into trouble ... ok ...i shall continue the next day .. but i am sure tomolo topic will be different from today .. i don`t know how to continue from it ... .. BYE

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:41

    !Friday, September 22, 2006

    ok i now on mood to blog .. and i don`t think i able to blog later in the night .... i will be out " whole day " ... hmmm i will be going library .. choosing my right partners .. where ya thinking .. i talking abt books ... mmmm i only can borrow 4 books the most ... i borrow 3 books ... l still can borrow one more book .. correct or not ... does i make sense to you .. if u don`t understand . just pretned u have 4 apples in the basket .. one apple eaten so left 3 in the basket... that why i can spend my " whole" after noon in the library choose one book .... like how you choose your bf / gf .. carefully pick ... consider pro and cons of the books ... uh i am so choosy it just only libray books .. i must make sure i read something worth to be borrow if not i can just blindly pick book from any shelves ....oh no ... i becoming book worm ..putting on thick thick glasses ... wear T-shirt tuck in and pant pulling until waist line carry ton of books wheneve i go ... comment how many authors i have slay everyday ....i should try some day wear like go out .... i may become famous overnight ....dress to kill the chick .. darn it won`t work .. bookworm only attract to books and worms .. EEeee i hate worm .. those hairy worm ...... i neva like to wear green color .. becoz i worry worm think i am leaf ... what if they bite me ? i don`t know whether got poison or not .. argh why i am worry so much .. i don`t have green color clothes or pants except my army pant ... so i am safe from worm ... ok ok enough of book and worm .. but i am truly book worm in heart .. believe or not .. i read from pri 1 until now .. text book uh comic book uh all book got words in it uh ..... don`t forget magazines too ... mmmm ok ok enough of crap ... i should prepare to go out .... mmmmmmmmm

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 13:28

    !Thursday, September 21, 2006

    i currently take exam for my own interest .. nothing do with with bradford ... i trying hard to study for my exam .... but cannot get in to my head ..... i left one week more to study .... cham cham cham cham ...... why i am here blogging .. i should be studying .... how i wish ... i have more time to study ... maybe i should sleep less and study more ....... i should less go out .. argh .. but people so nice invite me go out how can i be so bad to reject .. later they reject me !! pls don`t bring me to KTV ... I am very scare of my own voice ... if u insist i can do sign lanaguage or done with written method ... ok i am enough of my own rubbish ....
    i have to go out soon ... i have appointment in the afternoon .. i need to prepare ... mmmm act like busy .... i busy to be free from everything that make me busy ... ALEX CAN YOU STUDY FOR UR EXAM ..... CAN YOU DON`T SLACK ... ALEX : POOR ME .. i STUDY FOR DAYS . i don`t seem to get everything in my mind .. i guess i need to THUMBDRIVE to store external ... ok I KNOW IT LAME ... i AM CRAPPING ARD .. while waiting to use the bathroom ... ok i done with my blog .. i will be back later .... evening time ... no confirm ... i might tell you more abt the THE BANQUET ... mmm sound yummy .... 10 course dinner or 8 course dinner ... do they provide me shark fin ... PlS provide me more pork .. I LOVE PORK ... beef also can ... OK OK OK now is 1124hrs .. i need to be city @ 1300hrs . .. LOG OFF ..

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 11:02

    !Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    i proud to have friend who so talented ..he play piano so well without going thru piano lessons ... he not only play piano well .. he also know how to speak japanese too ... he start playing piano .. by fiddle the piano key ....... ahaha .. i got his clips ... his performances ..... he playing with his ear and he master the song few days time ... i am so envy he so talented ... he alway blow my mind away ...

    his latest performances ( Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars in Piano! )

    one of his best performances ...

    Wang lee hom kiss good bye ...

    Anyway his clips you can find ...
    @ http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=tachifeely

    you just simply give him a song to listen ... he can find way to play a song ....
    that how talented he is ... Salut to him ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 10:14

    !Monday, September 18, 2006

    i don`t have to face this kind of situation where awkwardness occur ... i don`t understand what cause the problem ... why we behave like stranger ? Why can`t we be friend we used to be ... where we can have so much fun ... Do u realise our conversation getting lesser ... as day go by .... Do u know i do enjoy ur accompany alot ..even though i seldom see you but i treasure every moment i had with you .. i alway look forward to see you ... i do treasure our friendship alot .....
    i really meant it .... do u remember our promise we made in the past ? .... i am still waiting for you to fulfil ..... i am trying to fulfil the promise too .... i understand you have many commitment to attend to .... i can wait .... just don`t forget our promises ..... i don`t know whether you are still reading my blog .... if you reading my blog ... i really hope you understand how i feel .... i really hope you can give more feedbacks haha .. to exchange thought.. .. i wanna to know you more just a friend ... hope you give me a chance to know you better .... I will so glad to be ur friend .... take care my friend ... take care of ur health .. don`t overwork .. i know i repeat alot .... i don`t wanna to see u fall sick ... =D ........ i can`t wait for your reply .. =D

    I sometime wish i can don`t care ... but i know i can`t not to care ...i don`t feel good not to care ..
    my feeling will prompt me if i don`t care .... i am too attach to feeling .... i might look like i don`t care but in my heart i do care... i don`t know whether i am normal .....

    I should log off now ..... now is 1700hrs ... haha

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 15:26

    !Saturday, September 16, 2006

    i am planning for my next few months ....
    1. Sign up music school to learn piano .. which i alway want to do .... but lack of funds
    2. Part - time job .. * flexible hrs *
    3. Trip to Redang .. planning to go ard Nov or Dec ... * not confirm *
    4. Sign up BBDC for Class 2B licence ....
    5. Get my fav VESPA bike *model LX 150* ...
    6. Sign up for next yr Super band .. play as pianist , * looking for band members *
    7. Sky diving !!!! * not confirm whether i fit to dive *
    Tis are short term plan !!! Changes will be made if there are need to .. ... As for long term i need to plan carefully ... what really suit me ...

    hehe .. i guess it time to end here !!!

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 22:58

    !Friday, September 15, 2006

    Sorry for the quality of pictures ... it is taken by my mobile phone .. i found dead worm ... full of blood shed .. POOR WORM

    I like this photo .. well taken .. taken at Jurong East Bus interchange ... well u see picture .. the train passing by ....

    I have edit the photo to make look good ......

    Well i am speechless at this moment maybe becoz i have too many things in my mind .. or being distract by other things ..... blah blah blah ....

    hmmm loss of word .. yes i am .... i am heavy duty blog of today .. i post 3 entries in a day .... i can`t believe it ...... my time is up .. i need to go to bed .. if not i will get scold by someone .... sigh .. i can`t simply maximise my though when i want to blog at this hour ... alway in the rush ... ok now is 2347 hrs ... got few more min to spare .... i should use this time to interact with my friends ... they love to hang out in the late hours .. as i am early bird ... alway wake up early in the morning ... look for good worm ...

    ok log out !! few more min to midnight .. .. i need to pass over to my sis at 12 am .. bye

    i suddenly remember ...

    i was asking rain whether i can take her and her boyfriend picture ... i finally got the answer from her blog .... so i should post what she wrote ... by the way ... if u read entry on 14 Sept .. u understand what i am talking abt ...

    Quote by Rain ....

    [rain: hm. skool openin memoriez o... thanx for ya commentz n complimentz heex... n alex! go grab alvin n my picz ba. dun tink he'll mind. (rite alvin?). hmm..]

    mmmm i won`t post today i am tired .. i only have rain picture .. ooops ... she use my mobile phone to take her own picture .... u can ask her ....

    no secret shot .. ok ...

    ok ok i really logging off .. my sis is rushing me to log off ..

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:22


    白色風車 by 周杰伦 his new album 依然范特西 ......

    依然范特西 total different from his previous album ... quite unique .. can`t explain to you ... sound like groovy cabaret song ...

    Hmm actually i like this album .... i am currently listening to his songs ....

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 12:43


    i really 对你有感觉 =D ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 08:55

    !Thursday, September 14, 2006

    For the past few days i been mentioning abt this special girl in my blog .. SORRY i can`t tell ...
    not even a hint ... I believe ... without mention the person .. some will guess correctly ... Can`t be help ... it too obvious ... to be notice ..... i now only can do is to play low ... ... It quite awhile i din mention her in my blog ... is it good thing ? ... have i forget her ? .... i shall not answer this question .. it between me .... i may become bits and parcels in her life ..or i beome her close friend .. i don`t know .. what lie ahead ... i hoping for bright side .. .... hoping for friend for many years ... like my best two friends .. i know them since pri 1 ... until now .... in between different classes ... but still get to meet nows and there ... same goes to her ... hope to be her friend for many years ... lastly i am glad to be her friend ... i believe .. i writing all this ... her sixth sense will reveal to her .... do i need to give hint ? ... hope to see you often .. mmm i do miss the time we had so much fun .... As friend uh ..... don`t think where .... i must be transparent to my blog ... no other meaning .... ppl misunderstand my meaning ... then make thing worst ... then more troubles ..... i already involve with problem .. still dangling .... not i don`t want to solve the problem .... it is problem involve with other party ... pls don`t give me problem that hard to decide .. like people problem lol ... that involve emotion and feeling ...

    hmmm today is RAIN birthday .. i guess today she very busy .. with her boyfriend lol ... OH YEAH .. i forget to take photo of them ... CAN I TAKE ONE PICTURE ? CAN I PUT HERE ? .. i must seek permission from them .... today is her birthday ..so i must write something abt her as memorial .... how i start .. mmmm rain is my third person i know during the first term in school .... so happen to be in same group for one of module ... so that how friendship begin ... i can`t remember how i stuck a conversation with her ... i can remember where i approach her ... it at blk C ... 1st floor ... ... i alway disturb her pencil box ... i alway disturb her .... ... but uh ... she alway win me in pool game ... not swimming pool ... 8 balls game ....her lady luck alway appear when she play with me ... not once .. mostly of time .. beside playing pool .. she play initial d too .. then once she challenge me initial d ... to my surprise ... she play so pro ... She everyday train her initial d skill lol ... so she won me .... actually there are many many more things abt her .. lol .. i better SHUT UP .. her boyfriend view my blog too ..... i can`t say much .... later jealous how ..... i will be trouble ... hahah lastly i shall end HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... to RAIN .... OH YEA i forget SHE SING VERY WELL .. i admit that ... .... WHEN GO KTV again ? this time round i don`t want to sing ....later my shyness appear again ...... I shall end here ...

    CAN I TAKE PICTURE OF YOU GUYS . rain and her boyfriend ? I shall wait for their permit ....

    Next time round i shall post pics of my classmates ... haha .. WANTED PICTURES ... can i post RAIN picture next entries ? .... * ask her bf permission * .. Ron don`t need to ask lol .. he will be glad to be post lol ... ..... ok logging off ..


    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 19:08

    !Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    I just came back from steamboat at marine bay .. mmmm i just celebrate RAIN belated birthday .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RAIN .. .. best wishes .. anyway i suppose to sleep now .. i was invited by my friends to go out partying .. i heard they going to clubbing or pubbing .. mmm or ktving ... sound interesting ... but i reject their invitation becoz i am tired .. i been out for the whole day ... secondly i am broke ... but i ate alot during the steam boat .. i ate alot of porks and chickens ... i being call as dinosaur .. i am meat eater .. lol no mercy to pigs .. ... other call me dexter from cartoon network . becoz i look like cartoon character .... or becoz i have nerd look .. mmmm it getting late ... i wish for flat of my own .. and own bike ... so i can go easy with my traveling and use of computer .. argh now i need to go off ... TOTAL INCOMPLETE .. ARGH ...

    becoz of one person .. cannot tahan keyboard sound .. make so much noise ..

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:45

    !Tuesday, September 12, 2006

    Train coming !!

    Taken @ Expo MRT station

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 08:22

    !Sunday, September 10, 2006

    * whistle along the song * ... ... jay zhou new album 依然范特西 ... rating : Worth Buying

    Hehe ... ok post later =D ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 15:34

    !Saturday, September 09, 2006

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 13:07

    !Friday, September 08, 2006

    i was on the bus .. way back home .. then i was eating biscuit .. .. here come grp of bengs and lians .... so i still mind my own business .. until this beng sit beside me .. i still ok with him .. until he sit so close with me .. arghhhh . i feel like being take advantage by him .. i feel like telling him .. don`t sit so close with him .. if not i will get aroused by him ... then he busy talking to his friend ... ... he seem to enjoy sit close with him .. so i ignore him ... i was there reading book ... trying to focus reading ..... look for my direction to alight ... then his group of friend talking so loudly .. until i become his third party .. listening to his conversation .. best part i am listening to my mp3 player ... .. then who know .. his friend sit infront of me .. choose to sit other way round .. so his friend facing me ... ... so 2 person looking at me now .. so pai seh ... it been like that thru out the journey ... i was like trying not to stare at them ... but i can`t .. becoz they are in front of me .. where else can i look ... beside the window ... where i can`t see anything at all ... that beng uh sit beside me ... he uh ... keep leaning on me ..... machiam like i am his darling ... he seem to hint me tomolo he going to ktv .. whether i can meet him again .. by the way that group of bengs and lians have hijack the back row ... only left me the victim ... listening to their conversation .. terrible ... machiam i am one of his friend ... that remind me i once like them so beng .. haha now i become guai ... i change man ok .. b00k are my best friend .. we study together .. we sleep together ... on the same bed .. don`t anyhow think .. i mean i sleep with my books .. too tired to put back so leaving on my bed .... back to bus story .. yes so i alight .. and i leave them .. and neva want to sit beside him ... he trying to eat my toufu ... haha .. i am straight .. with all 100 % chop .... no intention to eat his toufu ... DON`T WANT .... ok it was long journey ... if u don`t understand i can demo to you what happen ...

    alright now is 12 am .. i love to continue .. i love to blog recently .. i love to tell story ... i love to talk in alien languages ... i love my fans ..

    i still don`t know whether my fans still ard support me .. but i still write as usual .... even no one want to read ... i keep as dairy .. argh it diary .for my rememberance .. i nowsday to refresh memories.....

    lastly ... i think thru ... i can`t do anything with relationship . i try to but other refuse to .. it take 2 hands to clap ... but i am not going to give up you .. until i say so ...

    there are too many things common .. becoz you choose to think that way ... .. make it so complicated ... haha ... too chim ..

    HAVE great weekend ... i got gathering tomolo .. i got to fetch my parent from airport .. abit rush here and there but still got available time .. to spend ..

    End of the day ... i din manage to read book .or i enjoy my music during the journey .. thanks to his group .. .. disturb me thru out the journey ... .

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:30


    haha .. abit different ... why i say so ... i just took a pic of myself ...

    i so vain .. suddenly .. hahaahaha .... i forget to take photo with tie ... .. should i ?
    i come back then take uh ...i feel so hot now .. logging off ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 09:20

    !Thursday, September 07, 2006

    r/s consist of effort , quality , time , understanding and etc ... mmm r/s is like making cake ... need to find the right ingredients , right techniques , right timing etc ...to make tasty cake ... it is all base on my own conclusion ... I learn this conclusion during the walk of my life ... sound like i been thru r/s b4 .. .. sad to say no.. i neva really been into relationship ... I love to .. i love spend my quality time with someone i love .. putting effort to get close with relationship .. Share woe and happiness together . sound so marvellous .. sound very impressive . seriously i have nothing to impress .. basically i don`t have wealth .. i don`t have good look ... i am not intellect person which u can see .. i am now writing broken grammer ... All i have is my crany brain .. and my heart ..to keep my live go on ..

    r/s too complicated ..i don`t understand .. i try to find answer .. but the answer is too deep for me to find .. i keep trying .. keep failing again and again ... i sometime don`t want to get myself in relationship but i am human .. i do have feeling .. i can`t hide my feeling ... my parent used to tell me r/s is adult thing .. small kid don`t understand .. but now small kid in to r/s ... time really different ..

    i understand why some women don`t like to be in relationship again .. becoz they don`t want to get hurt again ... thanks tothose heartless guys .. becoz of them .. don`t know how to cherish what they have .. take r/s for granted ... people like me .. want to be in r/s .. so hard to ... lose out in look .. lose out in intellect ... lose out in charisma ... thanks to heartless guys . make us like bad sheep ... ARGH ... no choice ... majority win the minority ..

    ok i have enough of r/s ... some day i will touch on r/s again ..

    All i want to say .. take care of ur self .. don`t over work ...learn to relax .. not all abt studying ... =X

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 17:04

    !Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    it some day i trying to recall my childhood day ... i can`t remember anything .. i can`t remember how i spend my childhood day .. total blank .. all i can rememeber ... i don`t enjoy my childhood days .. i wasn`t happy during my childhood days ...
    it wasn`t fantastic ... bad memories .. i remember during those day i cried more than i luff .... how i wish i can go back time and erase the past and start afresh .. i remember when i was kid .. i wanted to write biography of myself ... but now i don`t think i can remember much of my childhood days ... i trying to remember bit of pieces ... so sorry it i am writing broken english .. .. When i was kid ..i kept a box .. it name as time capulse box . it is all stuffs from secondary school .... until now .. as yrs go by .. i take a look at the box to refresh good memories .... at time i go back places i used to hang out ..
    refresh what i done or i said or i went out with .... I do value memories .. memories can`t be bought by money .. =D ... memories is only treasure i have .. i cherish alot ...

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 15:59

    !Tuesday, September 05, 2006

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 10:15

    !Friday, September 01, 2006

    I just can`t sleep at this hour ... there are alot of things to say ... there is no simple way to express ... i don`t want to risk nor i don`t wanna to hide from it ... i don`t want you to get hurt nor i don`t want get hurt ... tell me what should i do ? to love nor not to .. am i putting too much effort or hope on it ? Or it just fairy tale only happen in cartoon .. some time i wonder am i writing my own personal fairy tales to express my own feeling ... feeling that create by own imaginations .. i sometime think i am crazy ... i am ... half of time .. i behave like crazy man !! ..

    i guess i need to sleep early .. i tomolo need to wake up at 6 am ..

    NITE ALL ..

    I lastly wish all the best !

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 23:50