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This skin is done entirely on Paint & only PAINT. Those that look like "Brushes" and shapes are from Dafont.com, don't believe go & check :D Urmm, I didn't do this skin on Photoshop, so yeah :/ My trial is over D: Sad.

i did this from the scratch, no custom shapes etc.

Anyway, rate & comment! :D Download/Fave if possible!. LOVES, :D

The Boi


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    !Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    i alway mention in my blog , theory of life !!! how true .. life so unpredictable ... things you don`t want it to happen just happen !! how i wish i can turn back clock and make it not happen !! no point lament over it .. it done i can`t do anything abt it , all i have to do is to face consequence what i have done and this will be first and last time doing it .. i am not going to let it happen the second time .. Well it quite amazing that i was so calm and yet in the state of shock .. when i facing it !! i was affected to the point i change my thinking toward life .. there alway up and down ! most of time we can`t rely our own strength or ablities to solve it ... Suddenly a thought came to my mind ( Seek Him First and All these things shall be added to you ) .. sound familar ? ... I believe for miracle to happen !! It will come to past ! ... =D

    Well i was so bother by the GST hike to 7 % .. is there a need to rise to 7 % ? Do u know by doing that .. will cause conflict among the citizens ? PM Lee explain "
    the hike was necessary to finance the enhanced social safety nets, needed to help the lower income group and he emphasised that the offset package would more than counter the rise in GST." Well by helping the lower income group .. should give us more benefits instead of paying more taxes like lower the bus fares or mrt fare . well bus and mrt are basic transport for citizen who don`t have money to take cab or own transport ... it such a burden to pay so much on transport fares just to travel ard Singapore .. what the different of taking taxi or driving own transport .. Since we are paying + - amount to goverment !!! . How to survive in Singapore with such high expense lifestyle ... for the sake of competing with other countries .. we have no chance to go thru ....well there nothing much we can really do .. to object the idea of increase 7 % ... no comment .. =D

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 12:42