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This skin is done entirely on Paint & only PAINT. Those that look like "Brushes" and shapes are from Dafont.com, don't believe go & check :D Urmm, I didn't do this skin on Photoshop, so yeah :/ My trial is over D: Sad.

i did this from the scratch, no custom shapes etc.

Anyway, rate & comment! :D Download/Fave if possible!. LOVES, :D

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    !Tuesday, October 03, 2006

    i recently sign up course ! hmmm and now i feel like taking up dancing course ... then i suddenly got the urge to buy fujifilm camera S6500fd or S9600 model ... the cheapest "DSLR" camera i can found beside 2nd hand brand... beside buy camera .. i also want to take up CLASS2B licence .... so many things i wanna to buy and learn ... no $$$ no $$$ no cheap cheap !!! cannot afford to take up course or buy expensive stuffs , i only can put as my wish list , waiting to fulfil it , just like my other commitment need to be fulfil ... how i wish i have sponsership .. can sponser me money ... who will be kind heart to sponser me ? .. i currently looking for part-time job to settle my current expenses ... who want to hire me ? i need flexible job ... no weekend pls .. i need to spend my weekend to rest or accompany friends or family. Who again will be kind soul help me to find job ? i will thanks you with many many crabs ... lame crabs .. no full - time jobs .. i can`t work full time .. my school term start so can`t afford to miss lessons ... aargh i see my time table .. too many full day lessons .. can`t run abt ... one or two days no classes .. how to work .. nvm .. i believe there will be way to it .. just patient search ...

    Hmmm i recently group with new group of people .. i do know them personally by face but din work with them b4 so abit not use to it .. anyway not really group work within group i am in .. is group with other group ... nothing much change in fact ... the different is names of group in the project will be different.. mmm it strange everyone in the group fighting for position to be with the smart one .. yes i know it is advantages to work with smart one ... it help to pass the exam or project but to think of the long run .. they are losing end if they relay too much on the smart one to do the project ... then tend to less worry abt the project .. tend to work less ... i personally don`t mind not working with smart one ... as least i will put much more efforts to complete the projects .. that different work with and without smart one ..so someone suggest draw lot .. so i am last few people to draw lot .. so happen i din select work with smart one so sad huh ... few of them not selected .. complain uh .. so end up smart one suggest to work together . so that how the decision of having two group work together .. hmmm anyway i am ok with it .. i am neutral .. my group leader choose to work with them .. so i can`t change their decision .. so i agree with it ...

    i also made new friend lol acutally a very bad start of introduction ..argh ... all start with ear red and blushing ... hmmm i better not comment it . if not many enquries need to attend to ..

    i am off to dinner .....

    Your Juliet <3~
    ; @ 18:57